Which Industries Rely Heavily on Contract Screen Printing

Which Industries Rely Heavily on Contract Screen Printing

Contract screen printing is widely sought-after service, useful for various businesses and organizations. Not only can it help you express your creative ideas, but it can also be used as an effective marketing strategy. But, as with any service, some industries have a bigger need for screen printing than others. That’s why we want to explain which industries rely heavily on contract screen printing and why.

To better understand this concept, we’ll review the process and uses of screen printing as a service. Furthermore, we’ll go over all the industries that commonly use it and the benefits they have from it. After having a detailed insight into the areas where contract screen printing is crucial, you can easily decide if it’s the right service for you.

Continue reading to discover the industries that heavily depend on contract screen printing and their benefits.

Which Industries Rely Heavily on Contract Screen Printing
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What is Contract Screen Printing Used for

Before we dive into the sectors reliant on contract screen printing, we first want to define what this process is. Screen printing is a technique where a mesh transfers ink into a substrate into designated areas separated by a blocking stencil. 

While most people think it’s only used for garment printing, it can be applied to many materials. Many businesses, organizations, and individuals also implement this technique in decals, balloons, watches, and other promotional merchandise. 

Contract screen printing refers to the process of a print shop or business hiring another printing service to finish the printing job for them. This doesn’t only eliminate a big amount of workload off their shoulders but also allows them to focus on more important matters. Such benefits lead to many industries using contract screen printing extensively to improve their efficiency and quality.

Which Industries Rely Heavily on Contract Screen Printing

After explaining the contract screen printing process, we want to review the businesses utilizing extensive contract screen printing. Without further stalling, here are the sectors heavily employing contract screen printing:

  • Apparel and fashion
  • Promotional and advertising
  • Sports and athletics
  • Event merchandising
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Corporate branding

Apparel and fashion

The apparel and fashion sector is the first industry heavily relying on contract screen printing. Even though they started as two separate industries, the lines between them have blurred throughout the years. These multi-billion enterprises are based on the creation and selling of clothing apparel on a global level. 

Within this industry, the most dominant and renowned sectors are:

  • Textile design and production
  • Fashion design and manufacturing
  • Fashion retailing, marketing, and merchandising
  • Fashion shows

Due to the high demand for new clothing designs and production, the fashion and apparel industry often relies on contract screen printing. Not only does this service take off a lot of workload from an already overwhelming sector, but it also allows a creative space where designers can express themselves.

Regardless of the brand and its popularity, many of these businesses have branded clothing to stand out from the competition. That’s why you can see many clothing types, including custom and unique logos and designs, achieved through screen printing. The most common clothing pieces that contain such branding are t-shirts, hoodies, and jerseys.

Promotional and advertising

Another industry that can benefit from contract screen printing is the one that works with promotions and advertising. This business consists of various activities which aid in presenting a service or product in front of a broader audience. Even though there are many different methods used for this goal, whether oral or visual, screen printing has proven itself dominant in the sphere.

While the fashion and apparel industry mostly focuses on printing garments, this one has a bigger variety of products. Many businesses have been branding mugs, pens, bags, and hats to promote their message to groups and individuals. 

The seller of the merchandise turns to professional screen printing services to achieve and deliver a large volume of product production while saving on costs. This way, they ensure the quality of the items while also using eye-catching designs that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. In most cases, these products are given away for free as gifts or as part of giveaways to earn the potential customer’s trust.

Promotional and advertising
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Sports and athletics

With all the hype among sporting fans, the sports and athletics industry also makes use of this screen printing service. Many sports enthusiasts expect merchandise from their favorite teams that can be used to show their devotion.

With the help of contract screen printing, the sports industry often screen prints sports uniforms, jerseys, and other accessories connected to a specific sport. This action is popular throughout many sports, such as soccer, football, basketball, and baseball. Furthermore, some of the most common prints are player names and numbers, the team’s logo, and other signature team features. 

Event merchandising

Another great way for brands to get recognition is through event merchandising. By planning specific events that represent their product or service, many companies can leave a lasting impression on the visitors by accompanying the suitable merch. 

Once again, to achieve the high demand for branded products, many businesses hire screen printing services when planning such events. This way, they can focus more on strategizing the layout and timetable for the happening rather than spending their time printing the designs. That’s why some of the most common branded items seen during such events are event-specific apparel, bags, banners, and promotional items.

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you may remember the exhilarating feeling of waiting in line to get a band t-shirt from your favorite music artists. This merchandise will hold sentimental value to the customer and remind them of their time at the event. Whether it’s a music festival, car show, or book signing, this service can create a unique experience for the audience and attract new potential customers to the brand.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations are non-business entities used for social, collective, or public benefits. Unlike other money-oriented businesses, they focus on raising funds to pay off any volunteering activities that go on within them. The two types of NGOs are known as operational and advocacy. While the first indulges in taking action through specific projects, the latter focuses on promoting a certain message or cause.

These organizations often turn to fundraising events or projects as a way to gather money for their causes. Part of these pre-planned actions also involves giving away branded products and merchandise to raise awareness for the organization. Since funding is limited, many NGOs turn to contract screen printing as a way to save time and money.

After hiring a screen printing service, they can sell the products to raise funds and further promote the cause they’re fighting for. In most cases, the products involve t-shirts, bags, hats, and other attention-grabbing clothing. 

Educational institutions

Contract screen printing is also common within educational institutions. Both high schools and universities often have a variety of clubs and teams that let students show their talents and skills. 

This way, they promote a healthy school spirit and give the youth an opportunity to further improve their knowledge on a specific subject. Whether it’s a chess club or a sports team, having a branded uniform gives off a sense of pride both for the students and the educational institution.

Since most schools have a large number of students, they often depend on contract screen printing to create such clothing. Not only do they assure the quality of the apparel, but they can also involve the students in creating the design. This way, they can give their students a sense of belonging and further raise their morale. Schools and universities also often host special events where wearing a branded uniform showcases devotion. 

Corporate branding

Lastly, corporate organizations often turn to screen printing to promote their company or business. Unlike promoting a specific product or service, corporate branding involves the process of promoting the entire brand to reach more customers and raise awareness. Thus, most businesses tend to include their logo, brand voice, values, and message to relate to the audience and build trust in the community.

Contract screen printing can help by printing a large number of branded products for the organization’s promotion. Some of the most common items companies focus on are company t-shirts and branded office supplies.

Corporate branding
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After discovering which industries rely heavily on contract screen printing, it’s up to you to decide if this service is suitable for you. Having an insight into the key sectors benefiting from contract screen printing can help you plan out your strategy better. Whether you’re part of the fashion industry or an NGO, with screen printing, you can raise brand awareness and build a loyal fanbase.

Furthermore, it lessens the institution’s or organization’s workload while also being a cost-efficient marketing strategy. So if you ever need a large volume of printed products, contact our expert team to get the best results for a suitable price!