Screen Printing NBA Shirts and Apparel

Screen Printing NBA Shirts and Apparel

NBA Contract Screen Printers

“When you have a major screen printing operation that serves retailers and major outlets throughout the US with their NBA & NFL printed apparel, lock-outs are of course a concern for everyone. We are very happy everything was resolved and the Season is back on!” says, Printhouse owner, Sam Akkad.
Phoenix, AZ December 26, 2011

The NBA regular season finally began Christmas Day with a slate of five games:

Oklahoma City vs. Orlando (Oklahoma won 89 to 87)
Golden State Warriors vs. the Los Angeles Clippers (Clippers won 105 to 86)
Boston Celtics vs. the New York Knicks (New York won 106 to 104)
Chicago Bulls vs. the Los Angeles Lakers and (Chicago won 88 to 87)
Miami Heat vs. the Dallas Mavericks  (Miami won 105 to 94)

Contract Screen Printer, American Printhouse in Phoenix, AZ couldn’t be happier for his clients, his staff and the NBA apparel and screen printing community. “It was a bit of a tense time for us says Sam Akkad, owner of one of the busiest screen printers in the State, because we had recently added another high volume print-machine to increase our volume to just over 15,000 units per day”. The new equipment was necessary to keep pace with its retail supply chains and high volume clients, especially the sports oriented sectors.

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