Custom Merch

Custom merchandise has always been a sought-after solution for promoting a brand, event, organization, or influential individual. These highly personalized items can contain logos, slogans, or artwork to represent the message you’re trying to portray. However, to ensure an effective marketing or branding strategy, the apparel has to meet the audience’s quality standards and catch their attention.

That’s why our professional team at Thrive Screen Printing specializes in producing high-quality and unique custom merch using various merch printing methods. 

Custom Merch- Thrive Screen Printing
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Our Custom Merchandise Services

When it comes to custom merch, our team at Thrive Screen Printing offers a wide range of services tailored to our customers’ needs. You could create high-quality products using our custom designs and merchandise services, all the while you spread your merch within a dedicated time frame.

  • Range of products – our team can create a wide range of custom merch products, ranging from hats and tote bags to t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.
  • Quality assurance and printing techniques – to ensure you get the best possible results, we use the latest printing techniques that are most suitable for your ideas.
  • Customization options – giving our customers the creative freedom to express themselves and their vision leads to outstanding results.
  • Bulk ordering benefits – those interested in printing large volumes of custom merch can easily negotiate a fair price without sacrificing the apparel’s quality.
  • Fast turnaround time – fully capable of dealing with large-volume orders, we make sure to deliver your custom merch shelf-ready within the dedicated timeframe.

Why Choose Thrive Screen Printing?

So, why should you choose Thrive Screen Printing for your next marketing strategy? Here are some of the core values that help establish us as pioneers in the industry:

Expertise and Experience in the Industry

With experience dating back to 1990, our company started by creating custom band t-shirts and slowly grew to become one of the top screen printing companies in the U.S. Thus, we always stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies to create outstanding products.

Expertise and Experience in the Industry

Commitment to quality

Our unparalleled commitment to quality is shown in every printed item that leaves our shop. Ensuring excellence in each step of the printing process, we can realize your vision with utmost precision, from the primary design to the shelf-ready finish. 

Commitment to quality

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Having our customers’ needs as our main priority, we’re capable of turning your ideas into reality. Our dedicated team will work with you to find the ideal solution for your circumstances and drive outstanding results.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Competitive pricing

Knowing that each business has its own budget, we have custom offers based on your needs. Our commitment to quality combined with affordability aims to help businesses of any size get their desired product without compromising on excellence.

Competitive pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What printing techniques do you use for custom merch?

We utilize various printing techniques, including screen, plastisol, flock, foil, gel, and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, to ensure that your designs look vibrant and professional. If you still haven’t picked a desired technique, our experienced team will help you choose the best method for your specific project.

Can I provide my own designs for custom merch?

Absolutely yes! We’re always happy to welcome custom designs from our clients. Whether you already have finished artwork or need help with creating a design, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Contact us

As one of the top contract screen printing and finishing companies in the U.S., our team at Thrive Screen Printing is ready to meet all your unique needs. With the capability to print over 20,000 items a day, we’re fully prepared to take on large-volume orders and deliver exceptional quality in every piece. So, whether you need custom merch for businesses or personal needs, call us at 602-598-4726 or email us at