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Wholesale Screen Printing Services

Our expert design and production team here at Thrive has worked with companies big and small around the world to help them design and distribute some of the most eye catching Wholesale Screen Printed t-shirts and products on the market. If you’re in need of fast, accurate, wholesale t shirts printing, contact us today. We’re standing by and ready to help.

Wholesale Screen Printing Services
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Thrive Screen Printing is one of the top contract and wholesale screen printing and finishing companies in the US. We believe the only one in Arizona to provide start to finish screen printing services on this scale. We have 50 employees using the latest equipment to design, print and ship over 20,000 items a day. Our wholesale screen printing team can handle and deliver on time and on budget high volume orders. Being so close to Phoenix International Airport we can easily expedite air freight and overnight delivery.

Be sure to scroll down and see some of our finished products and if you scroll even further, you can discover everything you need to know about wholesale screen printing and bulk t shirt printing with Thrive Screen Printing.

Wholesale Screen Printing Bulk T-shirts, 10 Colors in less than a minute!

If you would like your items to be delivered retail ready to go on the shelves, bar-coded, tagged or tagless, We can help. Based in Phoenix, Arizona we work with companies, organizations and individuals worldwide. We also work with  independent and national retailers throughout North America and around the World.

wholesale screen printingWe can provide retail ready products, finished and shipped directly to retail locations or simply a box-o-shirts for your event or special occasion. We specialize in serving contract / wholesale screen printing customers, including local and national accounts that need screen-printed apparel using high volume printers and professional finishing techniques.

wholesale screen printing

We have 5 automatic M&R Presses and two manual presses capable of 20,000 prints per 8 hours shift. We pride ourselves in keeping our equipment in top-notch shape. Our” screen room” has two custom made screen reclamation bays and two light tables. We archive thousands of films in an controlled environment.

wholesale screen printingThe Finishing Department can sew in custom t-shirt labels, manual and machine fold, polybag and seal, tag, add UPC price tickets/stickers, hang tags, zipper pulls, and much more. We can ship in client supplied and branded packaging or standard packaging. We deliver a finished product you can be proud of.

wholesale screen printing

Our warehouse, shipping  and fulfillment departments allow us to maintain inventory levels as well as provide fulfillment services to select clients. Our warehouse space is larger than most of our competitors entire operations.  Consumers know that bigger is not always better, but this much space is required to produce high volume, high quality products. We mean business at Thrive Screen Printing. Let us prove it to you.

wholesale screen printing

We successfully create quality designs custom printed on a range of garments consistent with the branding strategies of our licencors and custom design products that are up-to-date for best sales results at retail levels. Rush orders are available.

Why Use Us We provide eye-catching, one of a kind, quality-produced items with an intense attention to detail. Thrive Screen Printing is able to transform a corporate message, create the latest fashion trend, promote a special event, display your team pride or personalize life’s biggest moments.

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Everything You Need To Know About Wholesale Screen Printing 

Whether you’re sprucing up your team uniforms or planning a college reunion, Thrive’s wholesale screen printing allows you affordable and efficient solutions across a range of industries. Wholesale screen printing allows designers to dream up, produce, and package their screen-printed apparel on an enormous scale with precision and care. 

At Thrive Screen Printing, we offer one of the largest wholesale and contract screenwriting operations in the US, producing and shipping out 20,000 items a day to our list of clients around the world.

Wholesale and contract screen printing on this scale requires a team of experts who understand the small details of the process from design to fulfillment. With a company of 50 specialists, we can print, label, package and ship screen-printed items to your home or business with rapid turnaround times. Our close proximity to Phoenix Airport also makes us the wholesale screen printer of choice for fast and accurate bulk orders no matter your location.

Though we do have a minimum order requirement, you do not need to be a business to qualify for our rates. At Thrive Screen Printing, our minimum number of items per order is only 24, welcoming a vast range of small businesses, nonprofits and individuals to our roster of clients. Community organizations, retail owners, and large corporations can take advantage of wholesale screen printing services.

Some of our dedicated clients include:

  • Top apparel brands like Kohls, Urban Outfitters, Calvin Klein and Custom Ink
  • National companies like Petsmart and The History Channel
  • Cheer and dance squads like the Suns Dance Team
  • Local clubs, churches, and charities
  • Landscaping companies, restaurants, and bars
  • Marathons, volunteer groups, and tournaments
  • Weddings, family reunions, and tour groups

Below, we’ll break down wholesale screen printing prices, the design process, and what to expect as you work with our team. This way, you can determine if wholesale screen printing is right for your next project.

What is Wholesale Screen Printing?

To begin, let’s get back to the basics. Screen printing, after all, is an art form with endless variations for materials and outcomes. On a basic level, screen print artists push ink through a mesh stencil — known as a screen — one color at a time onto a flat surface. The ink is then allowed to cure on top of the fabric or solid material, remaining flexible yet durable for long-term use.

Working with a stencil means that each item will look identical to the next. Screen printing ink and methods specific to the art form make the design vibrantly stand out against a fabric, even on darker materials. The technique avoids the bleeding effect that can occur with traditional inks. Though the process can be completed by hand, new technology has streamlined the process for wholesale companies like ours to produce tens of thousands of printed items a day.

Benefits of Wholesale Bulk Screen Printing

Screen printing as we know it today stepped into the art scene in the 1960s when designers realized they could use a collage method by layering vibrant inks onto a flat surface. The stenciling process used in screen printing existed for centuries in different cultures and applications, including early photography. The rise of Pop Art in the 20th century brought the process into the national conversation, quickly growing into the versatile and accessible art it is today.

Since screen printing uses a series of stencils, producing identical products in great mass is ideal, leading to the popularization of wholesale screen printing. Additionally, the process creates durable designs that hold up wear and consistent washing. 

The top benefits of working with a wholesale screen printer are:

  • Access to screen printing experts that work with large-scale projects on a daily basis
  • Lower overall cost per project
  • Assistance with the design process
  • Capacity for large orders with short turnaround
  • Finishing services such as tagging, folding and packaging

Individuals and businesses of all kinds can create custom designs at an accessible price. A streamlined look adds to professionalism, helps a family celebrate a big event, or brings a local sports team together.

Wholesale Screen Printing Cost

When most people think wholesale, they think affordability. But what are the wholesale screen printing prices?

Each of our projects at Thrive Screen Printing differs in cost depending on the project size and opportunity to group your order with similar projects. In order to get the lowest cost for each order, we group together small and large orders that require similar materials to cut the cost of materials. This allows us to offer a lower price to everyone in that order – cutting the cost for the small or large order alike.  For example, let’s say you need 75 t-shirts while a large corporation has a similar order of 500 in the same color. By purchasing 575 shirts at once, we receive a lower wholesale price on shirts and pass the savings on to you.

How Do I Set Up a Screen Printing Order?

What is the experience of a screen printing customer? Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of bringing your design to life with the help of a wholesale printer. 

Before each order, we recommend new clients understand the moving parts of a screen printing design so they can make the best decisions for their unique project.

Choose Your Materials

We recommend choosing high-quality apparel to properly host your screen-printed design. The best blank t-shirts for screen printing, for example, offer qualities that absorb and stabilize the ink. 

Though cotton is the top choice for screen printing, not all cotton blends—or even 100% cotton t-shirts—receive ink in the same manner. The higher quality cotton, the better it showcases the ink and design work.

We also advise customers to consider your range of clothing cuts such as sleeve length, neckline styles and of course, fabric color. 

Our team can assist with fabric choice for your project, especially if you’re seeking assistance with difficult fabrics like athletic wear. Additionally, Thrive Screen Printing has paired up with a sustainable clothing company, THREAD, which manufactures its apparel from recycled water bottles.

Scale your design

Whenever possible, choose a stencil size that matches all clothing sizes in your order. For example, let’s say you want to feature your company’s logo across the upper chest of a hooded sweatshirt but are ordering a range of sizes. The logo will not look the same on a small sweatshirt as it will an extra-large. In this case, you can do one of two things: create stencils in different sizes for an added fee or find a size that looks balance across all sweatshirt sizes. 

Graphic Placement

Where will your graphic truly shine? Though the traditional printing area is the top left corner of the chest, other areas can add a flair of unique style as well. For shirts, these may include:

  • Across the sleeve
  • The middle of the chest
  • The lower left or right side only
  • From the bottom up
  • On the front and back of the shirt
  • Tall designs across the right or left side
  • From the center of the chest to the sleeves
  • Just below the collar 

Choosing a Screen-Printing Color

Analogous, compound and complementary shades of each color can change the entire look of your design. To go a step further, colors look different on each person’s computer or phone screen, further complicating the matching process.

So how do you choose colors for your screen-printing project that purely reflects your vision? In the early stages of design, peruse colors by exploring the Adobe Color Wheel. You can then locate the coordinating Pantone Colors Online we use for printing. If color is a large concern, the best way to confirm how your colors will print is to view them in an updated Pantone color book.

 Select a Design File

Images with lower than a 300 DPI resolution are not clear enough to create a screen-printing stencil. We accept a range of files 300 DPI and over to ensure your image is crisp and clear. These include:

  • Adobe Illustrator: .AI
  • Adobe Photoshop: .PSD
  • Adobe Acrobat: .PDF

Choose Your Ink

Plastisol ink is the most commonly used ink for screen printing, but we do offer many of today’s top techniques and ink varieties. Different inks make the print look softer to the touch, enhance their 3-D effect or create a unique sheen to the letters. In addition to traditional plastisol ink, we offer:

  • Flock printing
  • Foil printing
  • Gel printing
  • Metallic ink printing
  • High-density printing 

We’re Here to Help

There’s no need to go through the design process on your own. Our team of professionals can walk you through the design process from material selection to choosing the best printing technique for the design you’re looking for.

Bringing Your Screen-Printing Design to Life

Once you pass your project on to our team, the design enters our streamlined printing and packaging process.

We utilize a series of high-quality inks and modern processes to cover all the top styles of today. A larger warehouse means we can hold more materials, finished products, and apparel for quick turnarounds and last-minute additions. We can also archive thousands of films with your designs.

Our warehouse features the top screen-printing technology in the industry with five automatic M&R presses and two manual pressure. These machines can translate and add up to 10 different colors on one t-shirt in under a minute. Afterward, finished products are passed on to our finishing team who transform each item of clothing into a product ready for the shelves or distribution. Finishing features for products include:

  • Tags (we also offer a tag-less option)
  • Price stickers
  • Bagging
  • Professional fold
  • Hang tags
  • Zipper Pulls
  • And More

Top Industries That Use Wholesale Screen Printing

Curious how your business or next project can take advantage of wholesale screen printing? Wholesale orders go beyond simple t-shirt designs for resale. Businesses and families can use custom-made screen printing to mark a major life event, promote company pride, advertise their brand, or spread a new style of art.

Below are some of the top industries and just a handful of ways that screen-printed items bring their vision to life.

Sports Teams and Athletic Uniforms

Local and national sports teams alike celebrate their pride with professionally, custom-made uniforms. Our range of specialty screen-printing techniques allows players, dancers, and coaches to stand out on the field or stage. Flock printing, a technique that applies small fiber particles atop the design, is an iconic look for sports team uniforms. Gel printing is a go-to selection for team uniforms that expect a lot of wear-and-tear on the field. The final result creates a textured, 3-D look while remaining flexible for wear and sharply colored against darker fabrics.

Employee Uniforms and Corporate Apparel

Contractor, retail, and corporate employees often represent their company with high-quality, custom-designed logos for a day on the job. Uniforms typically feature a screen-printed logo on the top-left area of the chest or a layout of the company’s information across the center of the back.

In addition to uniform apparel such as shirts and sweatshirts, offices may use screen printing for company-wide events and outings to celebrate their company culture.

Police and Fire Departments

Durable designs are crucial for the most active members of our community. Local departments can utilize our capacity to create everything from uniforms with reflective lettering to t-shirts for community events and off-duty activities.

Video Games and Popular Apps

For the past two years, Thrive Screen Printing collaborated with entertainment company ZeptoLab to create apparel and drinkware for their popular game, Cut the Rope.

Charities and Volunteer Groups

Apparel that shows off a non-profits logo is both a way to spread the word about their work and designate helpful volunteers during large events. Wholesale screen printing is a cost-effective way to supply apparel for annual fundraising drives, local races, reflective volunteer apparel for events and advertising materials to increase word-of-mouth.

Fulfillment Service Companies

We’ve worked with popular companies like Zazzle, Custom Ink and The Discovery Channel to help them reach their own branded apparel goals. Our capacity for storage and large-volume printing means quick turnaround times for companies that require large batches of custom-made clothing, hats, drinkware, plaques, and cutting boards. Finishing services can package and label each item with quick turnaround and expedited shipping.

Family and School Events

Since wholesale screen printing is available to any group ordering at least 24 pieces per design, large family events and reunions can benefit from this cost-saving approach. Distribute custom-made items with your wedding or event date as favors to your group of guests to commemorate the gathering.

Colleges, high schools, and camps can also use screen-printed gifts to welcome students for their first day, a special fundraising event, or for reunions.

Additional Need to Know Info

Creating and printing a custom design is all about collaboration. Work with a screen-printing expert as your set up your unique design, ink choices, and materials to ensure you receive the product you envision. Peruse some FAQs about the process, return policies, and what to expect.

What Are The Best Fabrics for Wholesale Screen Printing?

Apparel made up of 100% cotton is always the industry favorite for screen printing. To go a step further, the highest-quality cotton clothing is also carded and combed, processes that remove dirt and random fibers. Ink adheres best to top-quality cotton due to its wicking and absorption qualities.

The rise in alternate workout-friendly fabrics adds a necessary challenge in the screen printing industry. Newer plastisol inks with low curing temperatures and higher elasticity allow designers to create durable creations on polyester and fabric blends.

Is Bulk Screen Printing Eco-friendly?

Thrive Screen Printing aims to uphold green printing standards for the health of our planet and community. Since the industry depends on chemical applications, a large number of packaging materials and constant shipping, we aim to streamline our system in favor of eco-friendly practices.

How do we focus on green screen printing?

  • We use non-phthalate inks
  • Biodegradable post-production chemicals, all made from soy or corn
  • Eco-conscious office spaces with a focus on recycling and office practices
  • Overall “environmentally aware” business model across all channels

Does Thrive Screen Printing Accept Wholesale Returns?

Returns are only possible after you receive a Return Authorization (RA) number from one of our team members, as they are handled on a case-by-case basis. If there is an issue with your products, please call 480-222-2190 with an explanation of the problem, your order number, the item number if applicable, and the customer’s name. Returns are only accepted within 30 days of the invoice and with an RA number no more than 10 days old. Clients can refer to our terms and conditions for further requirements for returns.

Even with the rise of water-based inks, the wholesale screen printing business isn’t going anywhere. Custom-made apparel and gifts are personalized tools for businesses to promote their services and groups to celebrate a momentous event. Screen printing’s flexibility allows an artist to explore a wide range of textures, colors, fabrics and tactile designs to obtain identical looks across a large batch of products.

Reach to get started on your own screen printing project? Get a quote for your wholesale order today by completing Thrive Screen Printing online form or calling our team at 480-222-2190. As one of the top screen printing companies in the country, we’re here to help you through every step of the process.