Screen Printing Squeegee Types

Screen Printing Squeegee Types

Squeegees are one of the vital tools in screen printing. We use them to apply the ink through the mesh screen onto the garment. Considering the uniqueness of each project we have, we can utilize different screen printing squeegee types.

Our team is not only focused on providing high-quality screen printing services but we are also dedicated to educating our potential and current clients about the whole printing process. In this helpful guide, we want to introduce you to the diverse world of squeegees and explain how we pick the most suitable equipment when printing your pieces of clothes.

Let’s discover what are the different types of screen printing squeegees available.

Screen Printing Squeegee Types and Classifications

In screen printing, squeegees are one of the most versatile equipment. They are available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and rigidity. Considering all of these characteristics, there are various categorizations, with each one having several types of squeegees.

So, what are the different types of screen printing squeegees?

Screen Printing Squeegee Types
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Squeegee durometer

Squeegees have different durometers – measurements for the hardness of the blades. In addition to the hardness, the squeegee durometer might impose the firmness and flexibility of the squeegee.

The hardness of the squeegee blade is measured from 0 to 100. Wondering how we determine the durometer of our squeegee for our contract screen printing services? The hardness of the screen printing squeegees can be identified not only by the characteristics provided by the manufacturer but also by its color.

ColorDurometerNumber of layers
Red65Single layer
65/90/65Triple layer
Green75Single layer
Blue85Single layer
Yellow70/90/75Triple layer

The squeegee durometer directly influences the ink deposit. For instance, squeegees with a higher durometer deposit thinner ink, making them suitable for more detailed designs.

Also, the screen printing squeegee durometer determines what type of surface the tool can apply ink to. We use softer blades when we have to print on uneven surfaces, including fabrics. On the other hand, harder blades are more suitable for screen printing on flat surfaces such as paper.

But with so many options, what type of squeegee are commonly used in screen printing? Generally looking 70 durometer squeegees are one of the most commonly used in screen printing jobs.

Handle type

The squeegees can also be divided into several types according to the type of handle they have. In manual screen printing, squeegees with wooden, aluminum, and plastic handles are most commonly used.

The materials the handle is made out of are important for us because of two reasons: durability and comfort. As a rule of thumb, the most durable squeegees are made out of wood or metal.

Furthermore, there are types of squeegees for screen printing that have handles with ergonomic designs, which makes the screen printing process easier and more comfortable.

Handle Type
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Blade materials

Generally, the squeegee blades can be made from polyurethane, rubber, and neoprene. The polyurethane squeegee blades are used for automatic and semiautomatic screen printing techniques. They are typically available in durometers between 50 and 90. The rubber and neoprene options can be used for manual screen printing.

Squeegee length and shape

The screen printing squeegees also differ according to their length. On the market, there are squeegees as little as 2″ and as long as 72″. We determine what squeegee length to use according to the screen and print size.

Additionally, squeegees for screen printing are also available in three main shapes:

  • Squeegees with square blades
  • Round squeegees with ball nose
  • Beveled squeegees

Edge profile

The edge profile of the squeegee is crucial for pushing ink onto the substrate. There are various edge profile squeegees, such as:

  • Single bevel with a flat or sharp tip
  • Double bevel available with a flat or a sharp tip
  • Square profile with either sharp or rounded edge
  • Round profile without edges,
  • H-shaped squeegee

How We Choose the Right Squeegee for The Project

With so many screen printing squeegee types available, you might be wondering how we choose the right one for printing your garment. Here is a quick overview of the factors we take into consideration while choosing the best squeegee for pushing ink on the clothing.

First and foremost, we take a look at the design we need to screen print. We don’t use the same squeegee type for detailed and simple artwork. In addition to the design itself, we pay attention to the size of the print.

The mesh screen that we use is also a determining factor for the squeegee we will need. Higher mesh count screens require hard squeegees.

We also consider the substrate we will be transferring the design on. Screen printing jobs on heavier substrates are most precisely done with round squeegees with a durometer between 50 and 60.

How We Choose the Right Squeegee for The Project
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The equipment and materials used during the screen printing process are crucial when you want to get high-quality end products. If you want to collaborate with an experienced screen printing company, our experts from Thrive can’t wait to start working on your prints and put your artwork on various pieces of clothing. Contact us and see why we are among the best in the industry.