How to Make Custom Hats

How to Make Custom Hats

In the world of custom merchandise, hats have always been a popular choice. Whether you work in a hospitality company, construction, events organization, or elsewhere, custom hats can be a great way to showcase your brand or personal style. But have you ever wondered how to make custom hats? Is it a complicated process?

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of custom hats and offer tips on how to make a custom hat. Without further ado, let’s begin and create good merchandise!

How to Make Custom Hats
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How to Make Custom Hats

Hats are popular fashion and brand-promoting accessories. But are hats good merch? They are excellent custom merch because they are versatile, practical, and comfortable, making them one of the most popular options. Hats are also a great way to promote your brand or personal style since they are a walking ad.

To make custom hats, you can partner with a hat manufacturer, print-on-demand service, or make your own. When it comes to printing custom hat merch in large quantities, we can help you get high-quality products. From baseball caps and fitted hats to snapbacks and beanies, we make hats to cater to different target markets.

But when making your own custom hat, you can design an old plain hat or start from scratch. You can follow the steps provided below on how to make custom hat merch:

Hat design and style

The first step in creating custom hats is to decide on a style and design you want. We advise you to consider your target audience and the message you want to deliver.

You can choose the hat style based on the occasion and setting where you will wear it. For example, baseball hats are a classic choice for a casual and sporty look. 

On the other hand, fitted hats and snapbacks offer a more modern streetwear look. You can also consider beanies, which can be worn during colder weather and customized with graphics or embroidery.

Materials and hat printing

The material choice is crucial when it comes to custom hats. The most prevailing options include cotton, polyester, and wool. When choosing the material, we advise you to consider the hats’ use, comfort, and durability.

Once you pick the material, you should decide on the hat printing method. Screen printing, embroidery, and heat transfer are popular methods for adding custom hat designs. But you may wonder how to print custom hats with the proper method.

Screen printing is a versatile and simple process that provides durable prints. This is a more traditional method for hat customization. In this process, the printer starts by placing a reverse negative of the design on a screen, which applies ink directly to the hat’s surface. During the process, the printer uses special ink to create the colors you want.

Heat transfer, however, is ideal for complex designs and graphics. This process involves printing the design onto a special heat-sensitive transfer material, which is then applied to the hat using heat and pressure. A printer, which requires special inks, is used for the heat transfer.

On the other hand, embroidery can be done by hand or with a machine. Machines do most embroidered hats with multiple needles. This process creates texture and involves stitching the logo onto the hat. This hat embroidery method is highly requested.

Materials and Hat Printing
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Now you know that it is a simple process after reading our tips and steps on how to make custom hats. As mentioned, making custom hats involves some easy steps, the first one being hat style and design. 

Once you do that, you can pick the material and the hat printing method, which can be screen printing, heat transfer, or embroidery. The final result is having unique custom hats, which are great for brand promotion and self-expression.