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Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 24 pieces per design.

We run automatic screen printing presses that produce thousands of units per hour, we simply are not set up to run smaller orders for screen printing.  Thanks for your understanding.

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Why don’t we just show the prices like the other guys?

We combine our orders to the manufacturers to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Let’s say Large Company needs 5000 shirts, but Small Company only needs 50. We time our orders to get the best price for all. Because of this, prices we quote change almost daily. Yes, we do have a standard price list and we would be happy to send it to you but it will not reflect our current combined order pricing.

We don’t want to win business strictly on price anyway; we want to earn your business with a purchasing experience that is accurate, affordable, enjoyable and repeatable. The form above is quick and easy and you will hear back from us in 24 hours.

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