American Printhouse Introduces Fabric Made From Used Plastic Bottles

American Printhouse Introduces Fabric Made From Used Plastic Bottles

You may have heard the phrase, “the fabric of our lives?”
We would like to introduce “THREAD, the fabric that changes lives.”

Phoenix based wholesale screen printing and garment manufacturing company, American Printhouse has announced a partnership with THREAD, a company that specializes in creating eco-friendly fabric from recycled plastics while creating job opportunities in the poorest communities on the planet. THREAD is changing lives across the globe.

THREAD’s manufacturing process is closely monitored from the moment they pick up a plastic bottle to when the ‘Ground To Good ™ ’ fabric is shipped to manufacturers and turned into your favorite products. 2015 brought the development of several new fabrics including t-shirt jersey and denim. This allows THREAD to provide a wide range of apparel brands with the most responsible fabric in the world.

According to THREAD, American Printhouse is the first US-based garment manufacturer to employ their sustainable fabrics in production operations. Sam Akkad, Founder of American Printhouse states “This is a game changer for those seeking environmentally and socially responsible alternative fabrics. Organic cotton, hemp and others are often considered for those promoting earth conscious causes. Not only do Ground to Good™ products provide
this, but they provide life changing opportunities in developing countries like Haiti. We see many uses for this in wearable technology, specialty packaging, clothing and apparel, tarps and shelter, water conservation, etc.”

Soon you will be able to order custom products made with THREAD fabric through the company’s website.